Pardee Hospital Promotes Women and Family Health

→  March 4th, 2014  →  News and Notes

  Horizon CSA applauds Pardee Hospital……….. Pardee is a  ”Spirit of Women”  healthcare facility for participating in this delightful and engaging national campaign that promotes the health of women and families. For more information on an event that is coming up on March 8, 2014, continue…… You are encouraged to get your dancing shoes […]

Horizon CSA-The Critical Difference; Concentration on Clinical Engineering Solutions.

→  October 2nd, 2012  →  News and Notes


The Horizon CSA Advantage…..Virtually You in Biomedical Technology Services!

→  September 27th, 2012  →  Horizon News + Notes Medical Technology Management

The Horizon Advantage ……Virtually You in Biomedical Technology Services!  Some say that the sincerest form of flattery is emulation. At Horizon, we believe that our best practice is to host seamless “virtual-like you”  biomedical on-site solutions for our customers. These solutions and human resources literally incorporate  your facility’s best practices all the while providing novel […]

Horizons’ “Virtual 7″ Benefits to Healthcare Alliance Biomedical Partners!

→  September 26th, 2012  →  News and Notes

7 Virtual Benefits to Healthcare Alliance  Biomedical Partners. 1.     A defined healthcare alliance career path for all existing hospital employees who become part of the Horizon CSA virtual team. 2.     A regulatory “track-record.” Horizon’s healthcare alliance partners are  “always ready”, customers never have to fear another unannounced inspection again. 3.    Disciplined-use of time-tested processes, use of department management tools and software that […]

Hospital Accreditation-Pardee Earns National Recognition by ISO 9000:2008

→  May 19th, 2012  →  Featured Posts Medical Technology News News and Notes

Horizon CSA offers heartfelt congratulations to Pardee Hospital of Hendersonville, N.C. for earning national recognition and accreditation by ISO 9000: 2008. “It is not everyday that a hospital reaches this level of accomplishment,” says Paul Levesque, Horizon CSA’s V.P. of Marketing and Business Development.  Levesque continues, “This is an example of Pardee’s commitment to excellence, […]

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