Horizons’ “Virtual 7″ Benefits to Healthcare Alliance Biomedical Partners!

→  September 26th, 2012  →  News and Notes

7 Virtual Benefits to Healthcare Alliance  Biomedical Partners. 1.     A defined healthcare alliance career path for all existing hospital employees who become part of the Horizon CSA virtual team. 2.     A regulatory “track-record.” Horizon’s healthcare alliance partners are  “always ready”, customers never have to fear another unannounced inspection again. 3.    Disciplined-use of time-tested processes, use of department management tools and software that […]

Hospital Accreditation-Pardee Earns National Recognition by ISO 9000:2008

→  May 19th, 2012  →  Featured Posts Medical Technology News News and Notes

Horizon CSA offers heartfelt congratulations to Pardee Hospital of Hendersonville, N.C. for earning national recognition and accreditation by ISO 9000: 2008. “It is not everyday that a hospital reaches this level of accomplishment,” says Paul Levesque, Horizon CSA’s V.P. of Marketing and Business Development.  Levesque continues, “This is an example of Pardee’s commitment to excellence, […]

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