Horizon CSA-The Critical Difference; Concentration on Clinical Engineering Solutions.

→  October 2nd, 2012  →  News and Notes


Horizons’ “Virtual 7″ Benefits to Healthcare Alliance Biomedical Partners!

→  September 26th, 2012  →  News and Notes

7 Virtual Benefits to Healthcare Alliance  Biomedical Partners. 1.     A defined healthcare alliance career path for all existing hospital employees who become part of the Horizon CSA virtual team. 2.     A regulatory “track-record.” Horizon’s healthcare alliance partners are  “always ready”, customers never have to fear another unannounced inspection again. 3.    Disciplined-use of time-tested processes, use of department management tools and software that […]

Horizon CSA’s Medical Technology Management Program – A Cut Above

→  February 24th, 2012  →  Featured Posts Medical Technology Management News and Notes

Do you have a coordinated medical technology management program? In today’s complex medical world, healthcare facilities need a comprehensive medical technology management program to coordinate all medical equipment services, ensure accurate medical equipment repair, regulatory compliance and capital asset planning to meet the challenge of lowering healthcare system costs while maintaining the best in fast […]

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