7 Ways to Mitigate Risks in Selecting Biomedical Equipment Services Providers

→  April 11th, 2014  →  News and Notes

  Is your hospital  endeavoring to stay abreast of the enormous demands in healthcare which are now the “new normal”? Chances are your facility may be considering outsourcing  the  clinical engineering  function.  With today’s healthcare economic pressure,  this consideration  is being given more scrutiny than ever before. Should this  describes  your healthcare facility, here are […]

Horizon CSA Asks Does Google Glass Have a Bright Healthcare Future?

→  January 22nd, 2014  →  News and Notes

Horizon CSA has been noticing “Google Glass” for consumer applications.  We are of the opinion that Google Glass has some very real implications for healthcare applications…most of which are barely being incubated at this time. So far, there  is lots of promise and perhaps some of the “quick to market” applications will be related to […]

Horizon CSA-The Critical Difference; Concentration on Clinical Engineering Solutions.

→  October 2nd, 2012  →  News and Notes


Biomedical Equipment Interoperability – A Call To Action For ACOs

→  March 27th, 2012  →  Medical Equipment Services News and Notes

What’s The Status Of Your Equipment Interoperability And Compliance? This is a call-out for healthcare provider organizations to pay close attention to biomedical equipment and its compelling need for interoperability and compliance to new regulations that are in progress now. This is particularly true for those organizations who have already signed up as accountable care […]

Horizon CSA’s Medical Technology Management Program – A Cut Above

→  February 24th, 2012  →  Featured Posts Medical Technology Management News and Notes

Do you have a coordinated medical technology management program? In today’s complex medical world, healthcare facilities need a comprehensive medical technology management program to coordinate all medical equipment services, ensure accurate medical equipment repair, regulatory compliance and capital asset planning to meet the challenge of lowering healthcare system costs while maintaining the best in fast […]

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