Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

Horizon CSA Is Headquartered In Mooresville, North Carolina

We provide hands-on Clinical Engineering, Medical Equipment Repair and Medical Technology Management Services throughout the Southeast. We are also flexible if you are located elsewhere, so rest assured that we can be very responsive to you wherever you are located.

Contact Us with your questions or needs, or call (704) 799-8661 or toll free (866) 467-4272.

We are uniquely positioned in the medical equipment services industry because we are a significant provider that is NOT owned by a medical equipment manufacturer or by a shareholder corporation subject to Wall Street pressures for revenue, growth and profitability.  That means we can and will stay focused on YOUR medical technology management needs!

Horizon CSA has the key people responsible for establishing the industry’s first multi–vendor, multi-modality clinical engineering program in the early 1990’s.  The company arose out of the growing concerns of our founders for the loss of focus on customer service in the medical equipment multi-vendor service industry.  Their decades of experience in medical product services and biomedical engineering combined with sound management, premier IT management tools, staff support and training, and dedication to customers have led to close to 100% customer satisfaction and retention.

We trace our lineage from Sunhealth Systems to Premier and the divestiture of its Medical Product Service division in the 1990s.  Many of our clients were original Premier customers.   We are proud of the fact that despite ever-increased competition, we have grown steadily since our founding in 2002 as a result of the responsive, quality service our satisfied clients receive from our dedicated, well-trained and experienced staff.

All of our services are performed and supervised by qualified BMET’s or clinical engineers, backed up by state-of-the art continuing training and corporate support.  Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys and advanced, proprietary IT management and performance tracking tools provide objective measurements to help us ensure you receive only the best quality, most responsive support, optimal equipment uptime and performance, regulatory compliance, and the information, advice and services you need for informed equipment management and medical capital asset decisions.

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