Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

Equipment Repair Service

Almost all medical equipment, no matter how well designed, will
need  repair.

With so many devices and with so many providing critical functions, when repair is needed, it must be performed quickly and effectively. Getting your equipment up and running at peak performance with minimum disruption to your clinical operations is paramount. Horizon CSA’s protocols and procedures for medical equipment repair are designed to insure that your equipment maintenance issues are resolved quickly. Department managers will be promptly notified as to the status of repairs in their respective departments. You can count on us. We deliver.

Our Guarantee

Horizon CSA will make every effort to ensure that covered equipment operates at peak performance and that when repair is necessary, equipment will be operational as soon as possible, all resulting in the maximum possible uptime. For the majority of equipment we service our history exceeds industry standards, and for most major equipment Horizon will guarantee at least 95% uptime. Horizon takes pride in the performance of its field personnel and its absolute dedication to achieving the maximum possible performance of all covered equipment.

Replacement Parts

Because Horizon is known and respected in the industry, we have developed an extensive network of reliable parts sources through relationships with medical equipment vendors and third party sources. These relationships assure that Horizon CSA can have the repair parts for your medical equipment on a timely basis, whether it is next flight or next day delivery. All necessary replacement parts for all equipment that we service are new standard parts, or parts of equal quality. Moreover, since our comprehensive service program assumes all financial risk for parts failures or defects, you can be assured that it is in our and your best interest to install the most reliable replacement parts that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specification.

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