Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

CEPA – Clinical Equipment Planning & Assessment

An important aspect of our Technology Management Program is the continuous assessment of new technology, new product launches and other events that may impact the capital planning process at your hospital.

Of course, this assessment is delivered within the context of your hospital’s currently deployed equipment, age and plans to purchase new equipment. A more rigorous approach is an optional, comprehensive consulting project that takes an in-depth look at all of your Biomedical and Imaging Equipment needs and wants, both current and future. 

Our “Clinical Equipment Planning & Assessment” tool.


CEPA is tailored to your specific need strategy and financial model.

Typically spanning 3-4 months from inception to deliverables, it is generally performed early during the first year of the agreement and involves close collaboration with clinical departments, senior administration as well as interviewing equipment vendors regarding impending launches of new equipment, product enhancements, and research trajectories for technologies of interest.

CEPA is a distinct “consulting product” that Horizon offers to any current or prospective client for a consulting fee that typically is deeply discounted for new or existing customers and rebated to prospective customers who choose Horizon as their Clinical Equipment service provider within a year of the project completion.

The CEPA deliverable is a hard-hitting strategy,planning document and presentation that you can confidently take to your Board in support of important medical capital equipment decisions. There is no fluff nor pedestrian “market survey” or other consultant filler; rather real facts, in-depth analysis and compelling recommendations to consider. Understandable and executable at multiple levels, the report will be useful to the CEO as well as to managers and operatives deep within the hospital organization. Completion of a tailored CEPA project is the perfect baseline study to subsequent capital planning and ad hoc product evaluation included in the Technology Management Program.

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