Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

At Horizon, we pledge to provide you with distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and partner medical equipment vendors. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset whom we will treat with respect and support their career development.

Serving YOU is our sole mission. At Horizon CSA, our aim is to serve healthcare facilities whose administrators, physicians and patients depend on the reliable performance and accuracy of sophisticated patient care diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring equipment.

We believe that specialization solely in Biomedical Technology Services separates us from vendors that may bundle other unrelated contract services.  Unlike them, we do not practice the bundling of disparate, unrelated services.  Such financially driven “portfolio” strategies often attempt to compensate for relative weaknesses. We promise always to be straightforward with you without any “fluff,” offering unsurpassed quality and value for the medical technology services you need.

Our entire organization from our on-site BMETs to Senior Management is highly focused on the particular imperatives of your Medical Technology Management, and the specific needs of the clinical departments that rely on our expertise and rapid response.

We believe that this combination of a client-centric, clinical focus and technology expertise is unique. Real-time experience demonstrates that this model represents an effective strategy to serve our customers and allows for emulation and growth within our region.


The Horizon Philosophy

The best, most reliable medical technology equipment and management services are vital to your patients’ lives and to your healthcare institution’s financial health. So you need a highly responsive “partner” who is a cut above the rest.  That’s what Horizon CSA brings to the table for you with a well-defined philosophy and strong corporate culture built on our customer-centric focus, independent objectivity and biomedical technology excellence.  Consider this our “corporate DNA.”

Horizon CSA:

  • Has a management team, from the workbench to the ownership, that all have clinical engineering backgrounds. We understand the needs of clinical departments.  We take pride in our mission-driven performance that aligns exquisitely with our clinical partners. In fact, at many of our accounts integration is so complete, collaboration so intimate and cooperation so effective that many clinical department heads simply assume that our staff are hospital employees.
  • Is an independent service company in the privileged position of being totally objective, “vendor-neutral.”  Horizon is not directly affiliated with any one manufacturer of medical equipment, nor are we owned or managed by an investment company or shareholder corporation.  Instead, we leverage our extensive medical equipment industry relationships and our hands-on work with all medical equipment OEM’s, parts suppliers and providers of specialty services to ensure that you receive the most responsive and highest quality service with the precise equipment and expert personnel you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Guides you candidly for optimal medical equipment life-cycle management and new equipment selection decisions, completely free from OEM vendor bias.  You don’t have to worry about the widespread equipment vendor self-interest in accelerating your medical equipment replacement and related costs.  Your best interests and best timing are what counts!
  • Places you, our customer, as a key stakeholder in our success.   That means we place you first and treat you with transparency, candor and the utmost respect.  You won’t find us using a “portfolio” strategy of bundling unrelated services to pad our coffers or attempt to hide anything.  Our contracts and pricing structures are straightforward, priced competitively for quality services, and designed to enhance your own efficient, profitable operation.
  • Is comprised of employees who are dedicated to the lowering of your costs and improving the quality of medical equipment services, as our customers attest.  The majority of them have worked for and with not-for-profit healthcare facilities, further enhancing their sensitivity to costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Exercises a very aggressive Preventative Maintenance Program for maximum medical equipment uptime and performance.  Our customers have every right and reason to expect that our services lead to maximum up-time, minimal disruption to clinical operations, and equipment running at peak specifications.  To the very real extent that medical equipment is part of what distinguishes a quality healthcare facility, effective, reliable and economical service has a direct impact on the quality of patient healthcare and safety.  We take that responsibility quite seriously — it’s a matter of fulfilling our mission to serve you, and it is the only way we know how to ensure our own success.
  • Uses powerful, proprietary IT management tools, software and processes, including the most appropriate “six-sigma methodologies,”  as an integral part of our daily routine.   Moreover, we have carefully evaluated our management approach and made the necessary modifications, including several proprietary management operations that we believe fit exceedingly well in the healthcare environment.
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