Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

Beyond Service – 

A Total Program for Medical Equipment Life-Cycle Management

Horizon CSA’s Technology Management Program ensures needed repairs and planned maintenance of medical equipment are performed efficiently and effectively with minimum distraction to hospital management and staff.  Moreover, we provide assistance in the evaluation of new technology and equipment for capital equipment planning, budgeting and during the procurement process.

We will also assure that customers remain in compliance with all regulatory agency requirements for equipment performance and documentation services can range from a fixed man-hour contract for preventative maintenance and time and materials for repair to a customized, comprehensive program of services that may include placing Horizon on-site staff during regular business hours supplemented by on-call services on a 24/7 basis.  In addition, Horizon can provide value added services for all covered equipment as well as for equipment currently under manufacturer’s warranty and/or service contract.


The Horizon CSA Technology Management Program is far more than a repair service – It’s a comprehensive program for asset planning and management. The goal is to reduce equipment life cycle costs and maximize the organization’s capital investments. These services include:

  • A comprehensive management program for all medical equipment in the institution, including equipment under warranty and vendor service agreements.
  • Technical assistance for the evaluation of potential cost effectiveness of new medical equipment including reliable and objective information about the latest technological developments, assistance with equipment purchase negotiations in regard to training, service and operational manuals, consignment equipment and parts.
  • Assistance in the training of clinical personnel on basic operation, patient and operator safety and best practices.
  • Active and substantive participation in all assigned hospital committees and initiatives. Our goal is to become full equity stakeholders in the Hospital’s mission to provide the best possible healthcare at economically sustainable service levels.
  • Assistance with service contract negotiations and monitoring service contract performance and costs.
  • Consulting and advice on medical equipment space, layout, design and utilization.

Service Management Tools

A suite of proprietary IT management tools and software support the Technology Management Program, allowing Horizon to deploy resources efficiently and to communicate all relevant information to the appropriate clinical managers and senior executives.We track and report the status of all equipment with regard to:

Tomography image

  • Operational status and location of all critical and life-saving equipment.
  • Establishing preventative maintenance procedures and equipment schedules according to Horizon’s optimized Risk-based system.
  • Ensuring all equipment meets safety and performance to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Supervision of the installation of all routine software updates and installation of new software by an OEM to ensure full functional performance.


Horizon provides detailed monthly reports that list completed medical equipment repairs and preventative maintenance, scheduled PM, equipment inventory additions and deletions, regulatory notices and all Joint Commission compliance activities.

In addition, we provide a summary of cost savings arising from all reported items. These reports can be further tailored according to the clients’ requirements.

A comprehensive annual report for hospital administration along with a summary presentation for Board/Department meetings, etc. This report also includes the results of the Annual Satisfaction Survey for your account. Our performance is evaluated with a customer satisfaction survey procedure approved by both Horizon and you to ensure that we get clear, unbiased, actionable reports.

Your medical equipment inventory will fluctuate due to new equipment put into service, retirement of old equipment, equipment coming off warranty, or equipment whose service contract has expired.

As an element of the Technology Management Program, Horizon will track inventory dynamics and issue a periodic report on impending changes.

Significant net changes to the inventory of covered equipment will elicit an agreement amendment to reflect the greater or lesser cost for projected repair and preventative maintenance.

Cost Savings On Service Contracts And Equipment Coming Off Contract

Often we can significantly reduce your future costs by the assumption of full financial and service obligations for equipment coming off contract. We can project such significant savings because we have in-house, in-area resources that can address routine repair and PM included within OEM service contracts. Our labor rates are lower than almost all OEMs – Indeed, our entire cost structure is amenable to more economic pricing without sacrificing exceptional quality. Just as important is our ability to source parts at reduced cost, often from the same source as the OEM.

Lastly, we are often able to renegotiate your medical equipment service contracts and/or extensions at more favorable terms.

Contact Us today to learn more about Horizon’s medical capital asset planning and Technology Management Program to optimize your medical equipment inventory decisions and performance.

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