Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

It’s About You

Everything we do is to serve our Customers—the key to our success. We consider our role to be in complete alignment with your mission; from the senior leadership, to clinical department heads, to material/facilities management, to all hospital stakeholders and employees, our only job is to assist you in delivering the best possible medical care at the most economic value.

Healthcare Value Is Our Focus

Horizon CSA’s best value is “Practical.” An uncommon yet hands-on grasp of your clinical engineering imperative has historically been earned through our common sense approach customer relationships. We value your time and budget concerns.

The Value of Creating A Shared Vision:

Horizon specializes in biomedical and imaging services, allowing us to better understand the needs of clinical departments. We take pride in our mission-driven performance that aligns exquisitely with our clinical partners. In fact, at many of our accounts integration is so complete, collaboration so intimate, and cooperation so effective that many clinical department heads simply assume that our staff are hospital employees.

Just as you are the chief architect of your vision for clinical equipment technology management in your facility, Horizon is your strategic partner and the tactical executor of your plan. At Horizon we listen first. We monitor medical technology and the healthcare industry at all levels of management from industry CEOs, to new product innovation, marketing, Joint Commission regulations, CMS and more to ensure that you stay on top of your business. Then we carefully craft a customized technology management solution that works for your facility. We draw from our collective experiences but do not provide “also ran” solutions at your expense.

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