Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Management Services

Our Employees Are Our Most Valuable Asset

All staff that performs and supervises any of services we provide is either a qualified, credentialed BMET or Clinical Engineer. Service personnel require further training either from OEM vendors for equipment specific training and periodic competence level training from professional associations that all of our personnel engage.

Horizon CSA was founded by industry veterans of the medical product service industry. The founders had a growing concern for the loss of focus on customer service in the medical equipment multi-vendor service industry. We trace our lineage from Sunhealth Systems to Premier and the divestiture of its Medical Product Service division in the 1990s. Many of our clients were original Premier customers. We are proud of the fact that despite ever-increased competition we have grown steadily since our founding in 2002.

We are able to attract, hire and retain the best technical staff in the industry. Horizon CSA fully recognizes our employees are our most valuable asset. We invest in training, provide career growth opportunities, and most importantly, provide a work environment where taking care of the client is the first priority. When existing employees are transitioned from the hospital or another service provider, they are transitioned to Horizon CSA with equal pay. More importantly, their focus will not change – they are still team players of the hospital and will always do what is in the best interest of the hospital! The program will feel and perform like an in house program, but with the resources and expertise to take it to a higher level.

Personnel Management

Horizon CSA has a commitment to the selection of the most highly qualified staff in the clinical engineering business.

Our focus is to making sure that our staff is properly trained and educated to service and supports our customer’s needs.

Our leadership team and management protocol has been implemented to seek out higher levels of service expectations. The individual staff is tasked with continued education and development to assure he/she continues improvement in their career paths. Leadership has also developed a Quality Management survey that is performed annually to assure that all aspects of the program are meeting the stands we have set. Continued review and auditing processes provides our customer with continued improvement in service delivery opportunities gained from these audit and findings

Depending on the scope of service required we generally will place a dedicated on-site manager who becomes the the point of contact and who is primarily responsible for the delivery of the the Horizon CSA Technology Management Program. The manager supervises the on-site staff, manages outside service and equipment vendors, and provide input and assistance to management and clinical staff on all areas of the equipment life cycle.

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