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Why Healthcare CEOs and COOs Should Consider Outsourced Biomedical Equipment Specialists

Each day  hospital executives  are engaged in conversations about the latest hot topics which include data analytics, clinical evaluation outcomes, electronic health records and cost containment opportunities. Most recently “Sequestration” is top of mind as it relates to a potential 2% cut in Medicare reimbursements.

From  the Charlotte Business Journal …..Sequestration and Probable Impact of Medicare Cuts in N.C. Hospitals
“While the topic of sequestering is  important, it occurs to me that some of the greatest “found”  revenue resources can be generated from ‘cost avoidance’ versus ‘cost reduction’ and may very well be overlooked while  right under your  fingertips”. says Paul Levesque, V. P. of Marketing and Business Development at Horizon CSA

A Call To Action: I encourage all COOS and CEOS to take a closer look at your current  in-house biomedical equipment program for potential inefficiencies. Consider allowing an external team of experts to take an objective view of your biomedical services and get a 360 degree  view from professionals who focus on biomedical services and medical technology management in many healthcare facilities. every day, year-in and year-out

You may be surprised at what you will learn. No offense to anyone in the C-suite, but let’s acknowledge the fact that unless there is a crisis, chances are you are not going to have biomedical equipment service contracts, warranties,  obsolescence, equipment disposition and/or  purchasing on your radar screen each day. However, let a CT Scanner be down for a week, and most hospital COOS get wind of it  and are  very concerned for loss of revenue.

If You are Too Busy: Should time be prohibitive in your own evaluation efforts,  then perhaps you will consider outsourcing your critical evaluations to a seasoned resource who has both experience and a broader view of medical technology assets. You may consider a company whose information and knowledge is not “siloed” or biased due to “not invented here syndrome. Horizon CSA is such a company. Dynamic and experienced with highly trained technology leaders, we are here to support you.

Demonstrable Track Record: We “walk our talk” at Horizon CSA. “Satisfied Customer” is the language we speak. It is our opportunity to disclose where some financial land mines are buried in your existing biomedical equipment department. Our results attest to the fact that this is what we do. Cost savings and even more important, cost avoidance are 2 mission critical  diagnostic services we provide.

Go Ahead and Let Us Make Your Day…and Night: Healthcare CEOs and COOs, don’t you want to let us go ahead and “make your day” as well as your nights when you are snoozing and not losing? You’re  most cordially invited to follow our link to our YouTube page and find out how Horizon CSA can assist you and how your organization may qualify for a complementary medical technology audit.

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As Always… To Your Good Health!

The Horizon CSA Advisor

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