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Horizon CSA’s Medical Technology Management Program – A Cut Above

Do you have a coordinated medical technology management program?

In today’s complex medical world, healthcare facilities need a comprehensive medical technology management program to coordinate all medical equipment services, ensure accurate medical equipment repair, regulatory compliance and capital asset planning to meet the challenge of lowering healthcare system costs while maintaining the best in fast response and exacting clinical engineering services … so you can focus on your objective to provide quality patient care.

We understand. Horizon CSA’s medical equipment services have evolved over more than 25 years of meeting the dynamic needs of healthcare facilities with unbiased medical technology consulting and clinical engineering services.

We provide hospitals and clinics with the knowledge and resources to make intelligent decisions regarding all phases of the life cycle of their large and small biomedical equipment, diagnostic imaging and therapeutic equipment from essentially all manufacturers. We also offer a comprehensive, in-house, turnkey technology management solution.

We cover all of these stages of your medical equipment life cycle:

  • Assessment of new medical technologies
  • Inventory and analysis of all aspects of your current medical equipment
  • Pre-purchase feasibility analysis
  • Capital equipment planning
  • Medical equipment selection
  • Equipment vendor and contract negotiations
  • Preventative equipment maintenance procedures and schedules
  • Medical equipment repair and corrective maintenance
  • Documentation of service history
  • Systematic processes for managing hazards and recalls
  • Monitoring and documentation for regulatory agency compliance
  • Technical and statistical support for environment of care issues
  • Supervision of software installations (upgrades and original OEM)
  • Determination of equipment obsolescence and proper disposal
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing management and support

Your needs come first.

Horizon exists to help you achieve your goals in the most cost effective and efficient means possible with the highest quality control, best response times and customer satisfaction.  In this regard we also:

  • Recognize the significance of providing the appropriate staffing in terms of technical skills and communication abilities, and submit our key personnel for review by your facilities administrator.
  • Commit to assisting you drive down costs by providing viable options for parts and labor resources available in your specific service area as well as helping you renegotiate contracts.
  • Provide reasonable after-hours services at no additional costs to help you maintain expenses within budgets.
  • Provide value-added management oversight for the clinical equipment services that are not covered under contracted services, such as your medical equipment under warranty, medical equipment serviced under separate contract, and equipment serviced under a time and materials basis.
  • More …

Let us discuss how Horizon’s medical equipment life-cycle management services can save you time and money so you can focus on responsive, quality care and patient services.  Contact us today to discuss the best medical technology management solution for your healthcare institution!

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